The AEC Learning centers in Costa Rica

It’s not only the destination but the journey

AEC-Costa Rica has three locations: Arenal, Turrialba and Tamarindo. Each location is unique and special in its own way but all of them bring the magic and diversity of Costa Rica.

Our experienced staff of Spanish educators is dedicated to extending your Spanish language skills in Costa Rica via a once in a lifetime immersive Spanish experience. Whether that be through our Medical and Nursing Spanish program in volcanic Arenal, to the 


Explore the charming coastal village of Tamarindo and enroll in our reputable language courses at AEC. We cater to individuals of all ages, offering exclusive summer programs for adolescents and families. Additionally, we provide a perfect opportunity for your family to indulge in surfing, and explore the breathtaking nearby beaches and mountain ranges.

At AEC, we provide a fun and educational environment for kids to expand their language skills with different activities, allowing parents to surf or unwind. Our courses are tailored to the needs of our students, ensuring they receive quality education in an enjoyable setting. Join us today, and let us help you achieve your language goals.


Experience language immersion like never before in Arenal, Costa Rica. Our classic language setting offers small group classes for medical and nursing students with the opportunity to visit a specialized clinic run by Dr Arias himself. The clinic has three ambulances, five examination rooms, a radiology lab, and an on-site pharmacy.

EMT’s can join ambulance staff for first-hand learning experiences, pharmacists can learn from Costa Rican pharmacists, and all students can fully immerse themselves in the clinical setting. Enhance your learning opportunities and language skills by becoming a part of Dr Arias’ clinic.

As for the volcano, it hasn’t erupted since 2010.


Turrialba is an exceptional destination, meticulously chosen by the AEC for its unique characteristic that sets it apart from other tourist attractions. It has preserved its Costa Rican heritage, making it an ideal location for cultural and linguistic immersion. While white water rafting is a popular activity, Turrialba attracts only a small influx of visitors, allowing students to focus solely on mastering Spanish. With friendly locals who hold life, family, and hospitality in high regard, Turrialba remains a well-guarded gem. Visitors to Turrialba can rest easy knowing they are safe and can seamlessly blend into the community.

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