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Standard Spanish Lessons

Spanish Immersion with a Spanish instructor for 2, 3, or 4 hours a day in Costa Rica with up to 6 other Spanish students.

There are numerous benefits to hiring a private Spanish instructor, including personalized instruction, faster language acquisition, and increased motivation and accountability. Individual lessons allow for tailored teaching methods and targeted feedback, leading to more effective and efficient language acquisition. Our smaller class sizes allow for more focused and uninterrupted practice, which can speed up the learning process.

Additionally, our instructors can tailor lessons to the student’s specific needs and interests, making learning more engaging and motivating. They can also provide individualized feedback and track progress in real-time, creating a sense of accountability and helping students stay on track.

Furthermore, our instructors can be more flexible and accommodating compared to traditional larger classroom settings. Scheduling and pacing can be adjusted to fit the student’s schedule and preferred learning style. This level of customization and flexibility may lead to greater success and satisfaction with learning Spanish.

We offer Standard Spanish lessons at all three of our locations: Arenal, Tamarindo, and Turrialba. Additionally, private lessons are often used to supplement other programs. 


Private Group Spanish Lessons

Learn Spanish in a group of 2 to 3 and split the cost between your group (3 Max).

Our Private Group programs are offered in each location and cost less because students are splitting the cost between 2 to 3 students of similar language levels instead of hiring a private instructor or paying for themselves. Many also prefer to learn Spanish in this format since it naturally has more people to practice Spanish with whom you will already have a rapport with (your friends, coworkers, family).

These programs are a great way to learn Spanish with two close friends or colleagues of similar language level and are typically offered at all of our locations. Additionally, they are often used to supplement a specialty Spanish program like our Nursing or Medical Spanish programs in Arenal.


Spanish for Kids

Based within the small town of Turrialba, a safe, nurturing Spanish program designed to enrich the language experience of any child. 

The most immersive language experience in all of Costa Rica for children ages 1-12 is offered in the town of Turrialba. We generally split these groups between Pre-Kinder, 6-9, and 10-12 years of age.

Your kids will learn the Spanish language and culture of Costa Rica with same aged local children in Turrialba. In a safe, nurturing environment a variety of activities await with classes, music, theater arts, Spanish classes and dance classes. 

Our staff has over thirty years of experience in childhood development. Classes occur at the same time frame as adult classes in Turrialba. We also offer Spanish for Kids in Tamarindo during our Summer Camp Groups that run June through Early August.


Spanish for Teens

Get kids and teens fluent in Spanish with our Family Immersion Program.

We have a several customized program options that are designed specifically for teen learners that can fit all levels of Spanish from beginner to advanced and our camp-style classes are formed by multi-level groups that cater to every student’s learning level.

Our programs offer an advantage to any teenager who may be required to take Spanish as part of their second language curriculum. A couple of weeks spent surfing in Costa Rica speaking 90% Spanish can quickly make the following semesters of Spanish in a classroom more than 90% correct, or allow someone to qualify past their Spanish requirements altogether and go directly into a higher level Spanish class.  

Additionally, numerous studies have shown that learning a second language while you are still young can pay off in a lot of big ways for brain development, and that those who were exposed to two or more languages on average, outperformed their peers who were only exposed to one language.

Our dedicated instructors conduct learning-based activities and games, all in Spanish, ensuring a fun and engaging experience while learning the language. Not only will our teen learners study the basics, but they will also develop conversational fluidity in a natural, intuitive setting.

Being around kids of similar age and interests will further enhance the learning experience. We believe that incorporating an immersive learning environment can help teenagers develop their language skills in all settings. 


Nursing Spanish

A nurse-specific Spanish program to improve a nurse’s Spanish language abilities in the workplace.

This program is only located at our Arenal and Turrialba locations. Choose between our Standard Medical Program, 10 hr Private Spanish + 10 hr Medical Spanish instruction, or our Private Medical Rotation program.


Program Details

  • Kaiser Permanente approved!
  • Supervised by our staff of doctors and medical perceptors.
  • Class placement is based on a student’s current Spanish level.
  • Students can work directly with a Costa Rican doctor.
  • Students who cannot attend a full four-week program can enroll for fewer weeks.
  • The weekly structure of the program is presented in weekly blocs of interrelated subject matter.



Medical Spanish

Learn medical Spanish with the longest running medical program in all of Costa Rica.

The Healthcare Spanish Language Program is designed to empower healthcare professionals by improving their Spanish language skills in the workplace. With an intensive curriculum that includes four-hour Spanish classes in the morning and five-hour immersive sessions tailored to your specialty in the afternoon, participants will be well-equipped to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking patients.

Our flagship location in Arenal, which operates with a clinic, a pharmacy, ambulance and emergency services, provides the perfect learning environment. 

Everyone has different needs so for those who may have specific location or specialty requests, we are more than happy to tailor programs to meet your needs. Join us on this journey towards improving your language skills and providing excellent patient care to Spanish-speaking communities.


Online Spanish Classes

Personalized Spanish lessons online with one of our instructors in Costa Rica. 

AEC offers online classes. They’re perfect for supplementing your Spanish education, as a primer before visiting Costa Rica or as a follow up after you attend classes. Get a head start by connecting with a teacher so they can start building your skills before entering Costa Rica. Hit the road running before arrival. Choose Online Spanish classes in 10, 15 or 20 hour increments. Create your online schedule with a teacher. Must have a WhatsApp account.


10 hours: $220.00,

15 hours: $300.00,

20 hours: $360.00


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